About Us

About Us

Wellred Books is a revolutionary Marxist publishing house. Founded in 2013, our focus is to republish classic works of Marxism as well as producing new titles. 

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Today, all capitalism can offer is war, poverty and suffering. In response to this, working-class and young people all over the world are beginning to fight back, but in order for this fight to be successful, we need a guide to action, and this is what Marxism provides. 

As Lenin famously proclaimed:
“Without revolutionary theory, there can be no revolutionary movement!”

We publish a wide range of Marxist texts. Amongst our most important titles was the publication of Leon Trotsky’s biography of Stalin. Left unfinished when Trotsky was assassinated by a Stalinist agent, the edition that was ultimately published included many distortions and additions from the translator. Using the Leon Trotsky archives in Harvard, our team put together a new version of the book. This edition was the only edition approved by the estate of Leon Trotsky and included over 100,000 words of never-before-published Trotsky. 

In addition to Marxist classics, Wellred Books publishes dozens of new Marxist titles. These include Reason in Revolt by Alan Woods and Ted Grant. This book uses the method of Marxism to assess the state of science today and was held in high esteem by Venezuela’s revolutionary leader Hugo Chavez. Alongside this, we have published The History of Philosophy by Alan Woods; Understanding Marx’s Capital: A Readers’ Guide by Rob Sewell and Adam Booth; The Revolutionary Legacy of Rosa Luxemburg by Marie Fredriksen and much more.